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Yes having 6 fingers on your hand is a dominant trait. Most people who have this trait get the extra finger cut off after birth. There is a small group in the world where the people there have 6 fingers.

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Q: Is having 6 fingers on one hand a dominant trait?
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Why do recessive trail are more common in some cases?

They're not necessarily, but they can be. When a recessive trait is more common, it likely because it was advantageous to have that trait so the species evolved to have more of it in the gene pool. Also, since dominant traits are expressed over recessive traits, natural selection has more of an effect on them.

How do i say '' im ciara '' in sign language?

You would technically say MY NAME #CIARA. To sign MY you make a 5 with your hand then close all your fingers together and bring your hand to your chest. Then to sign NAME you make a 2 with both your hands and close those fingers together (also known as the letter H in the alphabet) have your dominant hand fingers over your non-dominant hand fingers bring dominant mid finger to non-dominant index finger 2 times Then you would fingerspell your name using the ASL alphabet.

How do you sign the word world in sign language?

If you're using American Sign Language you would make a "W" with both your hands, your dominant hand under your non-dominant hand. Then turn your dominant hand so your fingers point to the ground, then to your self and ends on top of your non-dominant hand.

How do you say today in sign language?

You sign NOW, which is making a Y with both your hands (palms facing up) bring down near stomach then make another smaller motion down again. Or you sign NOW DAY, which is signing NOW (as explained above) then DAY is your non-dominant hand in front of your torso your hand is a 5 with your fingers together (palm facing down) your dominant elbow is on the back of your non-dominant fingers, dominant hand is a 1 then move your dominant arm down against the top of your non-dominant hand.

How do you sign colors in ASL?

COLOR: Your dominant hand faces palm in, with an open palm or a "5" hand shape. Wiggle the tips of your fingers on your chin.

5 f on your h?

5 fingers on your hand 5 fingers on your hand 5 fingers on your hand 5 fingers on your hand 5 fingers on your hand 5 fingers on your hand

Is Hand Clasping a dominant or recessive trait?

If you clasp your hand with your left thumb over your right, this is a dominant (more common) way of doing so. People who clasp their hands with their right thumb on top have the recessive genes. Left hand on top- Ll or LL right hand on top- ll

Information on hand clasping genetic traits?

Well there are some genetic traits controlled by a couple of alleles (hand calsping, tongue rolling, ear lobe attachment, etc.). and there are other controlled by many alleles (as hair color, eye color, skin color, height, etc.). Hand clasping is one trait that, so far as I know, some people believe it is controlled by just one pair of allels other people think it is controlled by many of them. I prefer to believe hand clasping just has 2 alleles. Considering this, we can say that one of this 2 alleles is Dominant and another recessive, as usually, however there are some cases when both alleles are dominant. -What do I mean by dominant and recessive? Well, this means that if both are in the same locus for that genetic trait (or gene, it is the same) the dominant will be the one that will expressed in the person carrying these alleles for this gene (or genetic trait, it is the same =P). So in the cae of hand clasping, if you join the fingers of your hand (I do not how to explin it exactly), you should see wheter your right or your left thumb is up. If your left thumb is above your right that is the dominant trait expressing. And if your right thumb is above , well you have the reccesive allele expressing. I hope I had contribute. =) Giorgio. (15) - Perú

What is a dominant hand in basketball?

Your mom is the dominant hand >:)

What is the the most sensitive part of the hand the palm or the back?

For left handers, it is usually their left hand, and for right handers, it's usually their right hand.

What is the different between dominant and recessive?

Dominant trait is the one which is expressed when the homologous pair of genes controlling it are either homozygous or Hetrozygous dominant; on the other hand recessive trait has both genes to be homozygous recessive. in fact trait is controlled by the form of genes. Dominant gene expresses even when it is in the company of recessive gene. However recessive gene expresses only when in company of recessive gene

What is the root meaning of pentadactyl?

Having five digits to the hand or foot., Having five appendages resembling fingers or toes.