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"The short answer is no. Not if you are trying to get it into your cells where is can do the most good.

Glutathione does not pass through the cell walls so what we can do is take the pre cursors to create glutathione in our cells. The latest product can release glutathione "on demand", as your body requires."

This is not necessarily true. Sure, oral Glutathione is broken down is the gut, mostly. However by giving a high enough dose, some will be absorbed.

The sublingual route has real possibilities for delivering higher amounts - i.e. absorption through sublingual route is far more efficient.

IV injection is the most effective route still

This idea that glutathione cannot cross the cell "wall" is not relevant as animal cells do not have cell walls, but have membranes.

Whether exogenous glutathione can effect cells is highly debatable, however clinical studies seem to show a skin lightening effect even with oral doses. This implies that glutathione is doing something and must be effecting the cells.

It is definitely possible that glutathione receptors or carriers exist on the cell membrane. This has not really been studied.

In short the answer is YES it should be more effective, and it is most likely safe (as IV admin doesn't seem to give major problems)

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Q: Is glutathione sublingual spray more effective and safe?
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Is glutathione safe for breastfeeding?

Oral glutathione will not raise your glutathione values. However, you may safely take it if you are breastfeeding.If you would like to raise your glutathione levels, and you are breastfeeding, you can safely take the building blocks or precursors for raising glutathione. The breast milk you are giving your baby is very high in bonded cysteine, and so it would be safe to take bonded cysteine if you are breastfeeding.

What is the ifference between L-glutathione and maximised glutathione?

L-Glutathione is the same as oral glutathione, and reduced glutathione.Maximised or maximized glutathione is not an actual product, but more of a marketing term. You will see many references to "maximized glutathione production" when it comes to advertising a particular glutathione enhancer.In this case, maximized is not describing the type of glutathione, it is saying you will get the most glutathione production with this particular product that is being advertised.That aside, L-glutathione, oral glutathione, and reduced glutathione all have one thing in common: they do not lead to maximised glutathione production, or any glutathione production for that matter.You have to give your body the building blocks or precursors to make it in your cells.

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In Parkinson's Disease how effective is Immunocal?

Parkinson's Disease is a neurological disorder characterized by muscular tremors, stiffness, and weakness, resulting in slow movement and a shuffling gait.Immunocal is a patented and clinically proven glutathione enhancer. So your question may be more specifically, "Can raising glutathione levels with Immunocal help to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?"Yes. The Physician's Desk Reference listing for Immunocal states that Parkinson's Disease is defined as a glutathione deficient state. Glutathione augmentation, which Immunocal accomplishes, addresses this type of deficiency.Additionally, Dr. Jimmy Gutman has written several bestsellers on the topic of glutathione. In Chapter 7 of his book, "Glutathione- Your Key to Health", he points to the role of oxidative stress in Parkinson's and that raising glutathione levels can have positive effects on patients suffering from this ailment.

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Where to buy the inhaled glutathione precurser refensal?

There is a website where you can find the succesor of refensal, it´s called Reator20 and it´s more effective due to its complex components and by being added glutation, glicine, cysteine, transfer factor (bobine), sodium bicarbonate and more.

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What is dietary supplements for swimmers?

The best dietary supplement for swimmers and other elite athletes is Max GXL Sport. Many elite sportspeople are already taking it and have posted powerful testimonials. The unique Max GXL compound stimulates the production of glutathione, the body's most powerful anti-oxidant. Glutathione is several times more effective than Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant. Doctors have been using i-v glutathione for many years to treat a variety of diseases but up until now there hasn't been an effective oral preparation. Glutathione is very effective at 'mopping up' free radicals and chemicals such as heavy metals (mercury etc). Our natural glutathione levels decline as we age and with the stresses of modern life. Most people experience immediate benefits within a few days of taking Max GXL and report more energy, faster recovery time, better sleep and improved mental acuity. Max GXL Sport is certified as completely safe to use by athletes by the prestigious NSF International, carrying the NSF Certified for Sport mark. It does not contain anything on the banned substance list. For more information see

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Glutathione is a tri-peptide or protein that is in every cell of your body. It is highest in your liver and kidneys. It is absolutely essential for good health.Glutathione has hundreds of functions in the body, but the acronym "An IDEA" covers about 90% of what glutathione does.An-tioxidantI-mmune System OptimizerD-etoxifierE-nergy RestorerA-nti-aging Protein