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Garlic and ginger have both been found to have healing properties and are a common ingredient in holistic and natural healing methods. Some studies have shown that garlic and ginger can help treat or prevent certain cancers and Heart disease.

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Q: Is ginger garlic paste good for the health?
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Is ginger and garlic a good way to rid human parasites?

According to natural health experts, both ginger and garlic are two foods that can result very effective to combat human parasites, and even to get rid of them completely. Said parasites enter the body through the consumption of contaminated food or water. Garlic and ginger both have detoxifying and antibiotic effects, which make them an excellent option to fight against parasites without risk of adverse effects of antibiotics.

Is swallowing garlic good for the body?

Raw garlic wont hurt you,it will make you smell though. Take raw ginger with it and you wont smell.

Ginger is good for yeast infection?

Ginger is in fact good for a yeast infection. Along with ginger, garlic, plain water, yogurt, and apple cider vinegar are also good for a yeast infection.

Does it help if you give your dog garlic?

Garlic is good for dogs, so it can improve their health.

Can you name a spice or flavoring that is good for your health?


What is ginger root good for?

is good for cough, and other health problems

Is fresh aloe vera and raw ginger root and raw garlic mix together as juice good for you?

I have never had it with aloe vera, but I cut up fresh garlic and ginger and boil them on the stove to make a tea. Then I use a strainer and pour into a coffee cup. It tastes so good, and It makes me feel good as well...

What is a recipe from Madagascar that tastes good but is easy to make and not to spicy?

curry red chili pepper cumin ginger garlic

Is ginger good for your health?

Yes. Ginger can be used in many different ways. Ginger oil can help relieve arthritis, and ginger can also help relieve motion sickness. Ginger is also good for blood circulation. You can make tea out of ginger. Ginger tea can also be found in some grocery stores.

How do you store herbal preparation for a cold?

Herbal treatment is a good way for any thing, but to retain the paste or medicine its hard to retain that, but we use to make the paste of garlic and salt .

Is garlic bread good for athletes?

Garlic is good for join health and the blood stream. It's a quite a dietary supplement for athletes. A good rule of thumb tends to be: "If it stinks or doesn't taste well, it's good for your body".

What used in tooth paste to stop tooth decay?

Fluoride is also no good for your health