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of coarse it is!!!!! you shouldn't get drunk,drinking could kill you!

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Q: Is getting drunk one night a week bad for you?
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Is it bad luck to cut your hair at night?

No, not that I know of. I've never heard of anyone having bad luck after getting their hair cut at night. no its not i got my hair cut at night and i got no bad luck just good

Is alchohol bad for you if you have high blood sugar?

It depends on how much alcohol. One drink won't kill you,but getting drunk could hurt you pretty bad. Talk to your doctor.

Are parents more better role models than athletes?

Yes, well if the athletie is not going out and getting Drunk and doing bad stuffs

Why is cherry spying for them in The Outsiders?

because she knew that bob was drunk that night and she felt bad for that the greasers looked like murderers when they were only doing self defence

Is it bad to work out and then get drunk?


What is bad habbit?

bad habbits like chewing your finger nails off. sucking your thumd. hording.(filling your house with usless stuff.) smoking drinking.(getting drunk by wine or beer.)

Is getting nosebleeds in the middle of the night as a child bad?

If you got a soft septum its natural but if you constantly get them without a soft nose its bad.

Why might a guy ask you to spend the night only when he's drunk especially when you know he won't want you there in the morning?

You may ask a guy to spend the night when he is drunk because you think he will be more inclined to say yes. This is not a good idea, many bad decisions are made while drinking and could result in hurt feelings.

What are some dangers of spring break?

Getting pregnant, drunk, or having a really bad hangover. Also look up Natalee Holoway it'll really help you out.

What is so bad about being drunk?

Being drunk is bad not only are you putting your health at risk but you are putting others at risk due to actions you may do because of loss of self control. Drunk driving would be terrible.

Is drunk driving bad for your heath?

of course it is scooter

What two types are bad drivers?

drunk & to young