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Most, if not all, of the members of Four Year Strong are Straight Edge. However, I'm not sure if I would consider them a straight edge band. I'm not sure they project those beliefs through their lyrics or not.

Only Dan and Alan are straightedge. Josh, Jake, and Joe aren't. They're not really a "straight edge band" like H2O, Terror, etc. but they do promote straight edge... Silverstein and Rise Against are great straight edge bands also.

- Umm, Silverstein is not a straightedge band. Only a couple people in the band are.

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Q: Is four year strong a straightedge band?
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Is four year strong christian?

No. They are not a religious band in any way.

When was Four Year Strong created?

Four Year Strong was created in 2001.

Is four year strong a christian band?

no, they are just a positive pop punk/ easycore band from worcester MA, and they happen to be my favorite band. they dont state anything about religion, so im not sure if any of them are religious.

What are the release dates for Drum Heads - 2011 Four Year Strong - 1.1?

Drum Heads - 2011 Four Year Strong - 1.1 was released on: USA: August 2011

What is the best four year strong album?

Enemy of the World, in my opinion.

What are the names of the Four Year Strong band members?

Alan Day- guitar, vocals Dan O'Connor- guitar, vocals Jake Massucco- drums Joe Weiss- bass Josh Lyford-keys, vocals

What bands use sjc drums?

Jake of Four Year Strong uses SJC

What kind of music does Four Years Strong sing?

Four Year Strong plays an extremely well blended mix of progressive pop/punk with a good splash of their hardcore roots.

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What State In America Is Four Year Strong From?

They're from Worcester, Massachusetts, but they rep Boston pretty hard.

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The song Four Strong Winds was originally released in 1964. Since then other singers have remade he song. One person who remade the song was Ian Tyson in 2011.

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