Is food taxed

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is food taxed
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What goods are taxed?

if you mean food, food is not taxed! none nada! lolz :)

Why is food taxed if it is eaten on premises but it is not taxed if it is to go?

Its not taxed anywhere. If your eating at a restraunt, the tax is for their services.

Can you tax tea?

(in the US) Tea IS taxed along with most all other items offered for sale at retail. (and NO! Tea is NOT considered a food - therefore it IS taxed).yea tea is a food it is taxed

Is coffee taxable in NJ?

If food is taxed in your area, yes.

Is there taxes on food in Kentucky?

No. Certain foods aren't taxed.

Is there tax on food in Washington?

what foods arte taxed in Washington state

Do citizens have to pay food taxes in most states?

I think its fair to generalize that in most states with a broad based sales tax, food is NOT taxable. However, meals are! When food becomes a meal is tricky. Many places, 1 of something, say a donut, is taxable as a meal. 6 or more of that same thing is not taxable as food. It can be situaational too. A prepared sandwich at a grocer may be a food, but at the local sandwich shop, it's a meal.

Are books taxed in the US?

in some states, books are taxed. for example, in Rhode Island, books are taxed 7%. but in other states like new hapshire, there is no taxes on anything so books wouldn't be taxed. every state has differant rates, so where ever you live, find out what the taxes are on food and that would be the taxes on the books.

How much is California food grocery tax?

Most grocery items are not taxed in the State of California.

Why do you pay taxes on fast food but not groceries?

That depends on where you live. Some states in the U.S. do not tax groceries. Others do. Where food grocery items are taxed, it is usually at a lower rate than non-food items. One reason that restaurant and/or fast food is taxed higher might be because it is not considered a necessity. People have to eat. They don't have to eat at a restaurant. In a sense, one could consider it a luxury tax. In Ohio: Fast food eaten at the location is taxed just like any restaurant food. Everything you order is taxable. To go food is not taxable but carbonated beverages, specialty coffee and sweetened drinks are taxable even when ordered "to-go" while regular coffee, orange juice and non-sweetened tea ordered "to-go" is not taxed.

Is a sandwich taxable in pa?

Yes, most prepared foods anywhere are taxed. In the city of philadelphia they are even debating on taxing cheesesteaks more than the new 8%. Even at McDonalds you are taxed for their food.

Are installation charges taxed?