Is foban cream okay for thrush?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Depends where you have the Thrush.

If its oral, do not consume it.

If its down below then its better to use a thrush cream like Canastan.

If it's on the outta and perhaps a cm in then yes, you can try it.

If it sting for the 1st minute then it's ok, its working, But if it continues to sting after 5 mins, wash out with Water.

Using soap to clean your genitals is not good for you as it can cause thrush. Just use water and see the difference.

If you are in need of something quick and funds a low, then go get a small tub of Pro-biotic's, all natural unflavored Yoghourt. Make sure hands are clean and use a tampon or an applicator. Always wash and put it in snap lock bag or gladwrap and put in fridge to keep it germ free.

Note: Very messy and be sure to wear a pad on underwear...

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Q: Is foban cream okay for thrush?
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Cure for thrush?

the answer is special cream

Do you get periods if you have thrush?

Yes you will get periods still. Thrush is a vaginal infection that can be sorted with a capsule and cream.

Can Foban ointment help chilblains?

I am using Foban on my fingers and it seems to relieve the symptoms... Here's hoping anyway! Good luck.

When a man's penis is changing skin and having pimples like blisters?

If its on the head it may simply be thrush. Try an anti-thrush cream for you and your partner.

Can you use hydrozole cream for vaginal thrush?

"Hydrozole is not suitable for intravaginal use." you need canisten cream that you can deposit internally, or the tablet.

What do canesten antifungal cream use for?

It's used to treat the condition 'thrush' in women.

Where can one find information about oral thrush?

Wikipedia, WebMD, and MayoClinic all have articles on oral thrush. The classic symptom is a cream-colored lesion on the tongue, caused by the candida yeast.

Is foban cream good for coldsores?

Not for the primary cause of the sore. Cold sores are caused by a viral infection, specifically, the herpes simplex virus. The active ingredient in foban cream is fusidic acid, which is a type of antibiotic. Antibiotics are only good against bacteria, not viruses. However, there may be some evidence that it helps in the healing, in the same way that antibiotics helps in rhinovirus-initiated colds. It prevents secondary bacterial infections that may hinder the body's own natural healing process from the virally caused wound. Hope this answers your question.

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What do you do if the penis gets a rash from yeast infection?

the best thing to do is to go to the chemist. EXplain what the problem. canaston cream for thrush should be fine.