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well yes flea bites can be harmful to humans but mostly when a flea bites a human it just gets itchy and annoying

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How do u stop them biting humans

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Q: Is flea bites harmful to humans?
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Can humans be allergic to flea bites?


Are chameleon bites harmful to humans?

yeah they get you wings

Can humans get flea bites?

It is very possible for humans to get flea bites. Speaking from personal experience it actually happens a lot. You definitely shouldn't scratch them because the bite can get really itchy and you may start to bleed from scratching so much.

Can you get diseases from flea bites?

One disease spread by flea bites was called Black Death.

What was the plague that caused death bite from a flea?

Black death was spread by flea bites. Flea bites transferred Yersinia pestis bacterium.

How do you know if a flea infestation is over?

No more flea bites

What is the vector of the Bubonic Plague?

The disease is transmitted from animals to humans.Plague infects wild rodents, especially rats, and is transmitted animal to animal and occasionally to humans by flea bites. The flea is the vector.

Can you get flea bites on your fingers?


Can you get sick from flea bites?

Flea bites can transmit Bubonic Plague from rodents to humans & from humans to rodents. They also can cause medical problems such as...flea allergy dermatitis (FAD)secondary skin irritationsAnd in extreme cases...anemiatapewormsstomach fluFleas can also transmit Murine Typhus (endemic typhus) fever among animals and from animal to humans.

What do flea bites feel like on humans?

A person would have random small red raised itchy bumps on his skin that would resolve in 24-48 hours; new bumps would appear on a regular basis. Every bump is a single bite, so as new bumps show up this indicates new flea bites.

Do flea bites always itch?

Flea bites itch because of the bacteria and dirt it puts in you when it bites.

Are flea bites dangerous to babies?

Flea bites can be dangerous to babies. The saliva of fleas contains anticoagulants which can cause severe infections in infants.