Is flavered water healthy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nope, just tastes better to some.

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Q: Is flavered water healthy
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Do they have hot sauce flavered popcorn?

Sadly, no

How healthy water is?

How is it NOT healthy. You ARE water... mostly.

Is a gallon of water healthy?

If it is good water it is very healthy.

How healthy is Philips water purifier?

well it purifies water so yes its healthy

Is urinating in your bath water HEALTHY?

NO! It's not healthy at all and the water could stink.

If you drink water and eat no food is that healthy?

No because nothing get in your stomach plus water fill you up if you eat something healthy and drink water that would be healthy

How healthy is bottled water?

As healthy as grannys toes.

What water is least healthy for plants?

tap water

Why is water better then other drinks?

because its healthy and people need to stay healthy and coz water has no sugar and our bodies are 70% water. i love you

How do you keep your skin healthy by drinking water?

Drinking water automatically leaves your skin glowing and make the skin healthy..

What is the healthy amount of water to drink?

2 gallons for healthy eye sight