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Obstetricians, as well as other doctors, do family planning services.

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Q: Is family planning categorized as obstetrical care?
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What has the author Virginia Aukamp written?

Virginia Aukamp has written: 'Nursing care plans for the childbearing family' -- subject(s): Health and hygiene, Maternal Welfare, Maternity nursing, Nursing care plans, Obstetrical Nursing, Postnatal care, Pregnancy, Pregnant women

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How can obstetrical emergencies be prevented?

Proper prenatal care is the best prevention for obstetrical emergencies. When complications of pregnancy do arise, pregnant women who see their OB/GYN on a regular basis are more likely to get an early diagnosis, and with it, the best chance.

What has the author Helen Farrer written?

Helen Farrer has written: 'Maternity care' -- subject(s): Obstetrical Nursing, Perinatology

How do you get the contraceptive implant?

Your local family planning center or your gynecologic health care provider will provide the implant.

How is a obstetrical emergency diagnosed?

Diagnosis of an obstetrical emergency typically takes place in a hospital or other urgent care facility. A specialist will take the patient's medical history and perform a pelvic and general physical examination. The mother's vital signs are taken.

What has the author D Anand written?

D. Anand has written: 'Family planning through hospital care' -- subject(s): Birth control, Hospital care 'Methods of teaching family planning in medical colleges' -- subject(s): Birth control, Medical colleges, Study and teaching

The process of care planning?

how many your own values influence the care planning process

Can a teenager in Georgia get birth control without parental consent?

Yes, teens in Arizona have the explicit right to get birth control without parental consent. You can see your pediatrician, women's health care provider, or local family planning agency to access these services. The family planning agency will likely know about opportunities for you to get free or low-cost services as well.

Where do you get an IUD?

You can get an IUD from your women's health care provider, family planning office, or family practitioner. The IUD manufacturers often have directories that tell you names of local providers in your area.

What is the first step to planning a child care center?

the first step to planning a child care center is to

What is the purpose of care planning in a care home?

Care planning is all about the direction you want to take with your patient care, financial planning, estate planning, and end-of-life care. Without a careful plan, you can end up spending your final days in a hospital rather than being surrounded by loved ones at home. The importance of care planning is undermined because of common misunderstanding or lack of awareness.