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You should consult your Dr, but most will say never take expired medicine.

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took september 2011

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Q: Is expired Avelox safe to take?
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Is opened medicine safe to take?

If you opened the original container, and if it is not expired, then yes it is safe to take.

Can you take expired Lyrica?

No! I had this same question and called the pharmacy. They said that most medications are safe to take if they are expired, however, expired Lyrica is extremely dangerous.

Is it safe to use expired Lemon Meringue mix?

No. If it was safe, then it wouldn't be expired.

Are vitamins safe to eat if they have black spots all over them they expired in 2008?

You should not take any medications or dietary supplements that have expired.

Is it safe to take 3 years expired val-acyclovir hydrochloride?

no you will get very sick

Is a safe to take 4 years old expired Ibuprofen 800Mg?

Expired medicines should ALWAYS be thrown out. They are relatively inexpensive to replace and not worth the risk of taking an expired medication.

Is it safe to take expired levitra?

You can take anything you want any time....if it works or not depends on your state of mind....

Is beef stock safe to use if expired?

non expired beef stock is not safe if not handled properly so you can imagine expired stock.

Is it safe to take the Nioxin intensive therapy recharging complex pills if they expired 06 2008?

No It is never safe to take medication that has gone past its expiry date

Is it safe to eat expired crab cakes?

No, hence the word expired. It is unsafe to eat anything expired. Dispose of anything expired.

Is it safe to drink expired tea?

i wouldn't if it is more then 3 days expired.

Is it safe to take an expired prenatal vitamin?

i wouldn't suggest it, it might be ok, but you shouldn't risk it because of the pregnancy.