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Excess fluid on the spine can be dangerous. The excess fluid on the spine can be dangerous because it is close to the brain stem.

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Q: Is excess fluid on the spine dangerous?
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Treatment for fluid at the base of the spine?

how to get out the fluid that is accumulated in spine

Can you over fill a Zippo?

Yes ... and if you put it into your pants pocket, the excess fluid will leak out and burn your skin. Not to mention that when the lighter is ignited, the excess fluid will also catch fire and put you and others around you into a very dangerous situation.

What could be the cause of excess spinal fluid?

The fruits and vegetables cause fluid in the spine. Intake of non-veg food also adds to it. Nutrients dissolve in our body and get collected in the form of nectar/marrow in our bones.

Are there any alternatives to meningocele repair?

There is no alternative to surgical repair. Risk of infection and damage to the spine and brain is high with an opening to the spine, so surgery is necessary to close the opening and drain the excess fluid that could put pressure on the brain.

What is the fluid called that is drawn out of the spine?

spinal fluid

What color fluid if have ms?

what color is fluid in spine if you have MS

What is fluid in the spine?

Cerebrospinal fluid can be found at the base of the spine for unknown reasons, and cause excruciating pain. Cerebrospinal fluid leaks can also result from surgery in that area or trauma.

What is Free fluid in the facets of the spine?

The fluid which can be found in the facets of the spine is called Cerebrospinal Fluid. The functions of Cerebrospinal Fluid, which often work along with the venous and central nervous systems, include providing a sort of liquid cushion for the spine and assisting with the circulation of substances and organisms that include molecules and nutrients.

What is it called when fluid is drawn from the spine?

A spinal tap.

How does one siphon excess transmission fluid out of a 1995 Dodge Neon?

Put a small hose in the dipstick tube, and suction out excess fluid.

Can you get fluid in your spine?

No. Well, yes, but they would be long dead.

Picks up excess tissue fluid called edema?

atriovacural fluid