Is egfr level of 71 good?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is egfr level of 71 good?
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What is a normal egfr level?

it is normal this result eGFR1.73m^2?

What is the range for EGFR?

108 egfr

Is 50 a good eGFR score?

eGFR is supposed to be > 90. 50 usually indicates certain extent of renal disease. Please see

Is 92 a good eGFR Non-African American score?


Is 57 good for egfr non-African American?

slightly low.

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What does the blood test egfr non African American measure?

What does a score of 115 egfr mean

What is the normal range for eGFR(CKD-EPI) in and adult male blood?

what is the normal range for a male eGFR in blood

What is egfr non afr American mean?

What do the numbers in the egfr test mean - 50 75 yr old female?