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Salt is a nescesity . In moderation your body uses it to regulate water and some hormone production .

Fat is a nescesity . No human should eat less than 10% in their diet (and it's recommended no more than 20%) daily . You body uses fat as shortterm energy while digesting harder-to-break down foods and it is important for the regeneration of the protective shielding of your nervous system . Your body is complex machine and uses it for many other things as well .

Sugar is USELESS !!!!!

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Eating to much of both is not good for you. Eating more salt than you should contributes to high blood pressure which causes problems later in life. Eating to much sugar can cause a large build up of fat, gives you a sugar rush accompanied with a sugar crash and can cause cavities in your teeth and clogs your pours which causes acne. However normal amount of both are not only healthy but suggested.

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This depends on the daily intake.

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Too much or Too little of anything is bad for you.

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Q: Is eating to much salt or sugar plain bad for you?
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Data for boiling salt water sugar water and plain water?

Impossible to answer without knowing the concentrations of the sugar and salt water.

What has the lowest freezing point salt water sugar water plain water?

Saturated salt water freezes at a lower temp than saturated sugar water, which freezes at a lower temp than plain water. So plain water will freeze first then sugar water then salt water. Thank you QUIRKIE @

Which will make a plant grow faster sugar water salt water or plain water?

This is the plain water.

What boils faster salt water or plain water?

For salt water to boil faster than plain water, the salt concentration would have to be fairly high. In addition, the salt water would need to be a salt water solution before putting the pot on to heat because of the density of the water content itself.

Which plant would grow fasterone with soda sugar water salt water or plain water?

plain water # ##### # # # ## # ## # ## # ##

Is eating sugar and salt a eating disorder?

No. This behavior doesn't meet DSM criteria for an eating disorder

What are the causes of eating too much salt?

Are you stupid? Eating too much salt is caused by eating salty foods..

What happeneds eat to much salt?

eating to much salt will increase your blood pressure

Will plants grow bigger in salt water sugar water or plain water?


What is more polar salt or sugar?

Salt is much more polar than sugar. Salt is in fact ionic. Sugar is organic.

Can you use sugar insted of salt to bake playdough?

No. Salt and sugar have very different properties. Also, salt is used to discourage small children from eating the playdough, which would certainly be a problem if sugar were used.

What are health needs?

The main health needs are: Exersise, eating a balanced diet (equal amounts of carbs/fats/protein etc) and not eating too much salt/sugar/fat.