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Only if You are mr. Barak Obama

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Q: Is eating straw wrappers bad for you?
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Is eating plastic wrappers harmful to a cat?


Smoking 5 gum wrappers bad?

yes it is.

What do you get with 24 wrappers?

A pile of wrappers!A pile of wrappers!A pile of wrappers!A pile of wrappers!

Is it OK if a horse eats a straw bedding?

It is not good for the horse to eat straw. Instead of using straw for the bedding I would switch to sawdust so you will not have to worry about your horse eating the straw.

Why do horses suddenly start eating their straw bedding?

If a horse is hungry straw is similar enough to hay that they will eat it.

How do you break a bad habit when my horse eats straw instead of hay?

The horse is eating the straw because it is either hungry or bored. A horse should have hay available at all times to prevent bad behaviours, ulcers, and colic. You can use a slow feed hay net to accomplish this. Another note is that straw is not necessarily the best bedding for horses it may benefit the horse to have it's bedding switched to pine shavings or even large particle sawdust (small particle sawdust is bad for them).

Is chewing on a straw bad for you?

They are safe to chew but not safe to eat.

What is bad about eating slowly?

Nothing is bad about eating slowly.In fact, it is better than eating

Do you have habit collecting chocolate wrappers?

do you have habit of collecting chocolate wrappers

Is it dangerous for a dog to eat straw?

It is extremely bad for your dog to eat it. The person above does not know what they are talking about. Straw is indigestible.

Will drymistat work with wrapper on cigar?

Leave the wrappers on. The wrappers are designed to breathe.

Can you recycle wrappers?

yes cause most wrappers are made of plastic & plastic can be recycled.