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Not that much, actually. Just look after your hair really well.

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Q: Is dyeing your hair bad for you?
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Does dyeing the bottom layer of your hair look bad?

No it looks really cute! ;)

What is worst dyeing hair or straighten hair?

Both are bad for your hair. Straightening your hair too frequently & dyeing your hair too much will both do the same thingdry out the hair, making it brittleresult is dry & split endsmake the hair grow more slowly

Are permanent markers bad for your hair?

i dont think its bad for your hair cause it will washout and if u keep doing it it may wreck your hair like if u do it over and over again its probably like dyeing your hair over so many times

Can you straighten hair after dyeing it?


Can you give a sentence using the words dyeing and dying?

I'm dying to be dyeing my hair.

Can you use the hair dryer without dyeing hair?


Is dyeing your hair important?

No, but it depends on what you think.

Is there any way to store Schwarzkopf live color XXL hair dye you know it says not to but you only use 0.25 of it when dyeing your hair?

*I only use a quarter of it when dyeing my hair

After dyeing hair yesterday can you go in saltwater?

It fades

Is dyeing your hair purple a chemical change?


Should you straighten your hair before dyeing the tips?


Is dyeing hair a chemical change?

Yes, dyeing hair is a chemical change because the chemical composition of the hair is altered when the hair dye penetrates the hair shaft and reacts with the melanin in the hair. This change is not reversible without cutting or growing out the dyed hair.