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Its actually good.It is very hight in protein.Its use to make pasta,lasagna,etc.

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Q: Is durum semelina good or bad for you?
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What is semolina flour made from what wheat?

Durum wheat.

What is the difference between durum wheat and semolina wheat?

There's really no difference. Durum wheat is the plant. Semolina is a coarse grind of the durum wheat berries. You can also grind them finer to make durum flour.

Why is durum wheat used as pasta?

Durum wheat is used in pasta because it is easy to digest.

Where does durum wheat originate from?

The origin of Durum wheat is believed to have been in either Abyssinia or the southern Mediterranean. Wikipedia has a full article on Durum wheat - see related link.

What grain is used to make pasta?

Pasta flour you can buy it from all main supermarkests.

What kind of flour is used in pasta?

durum flour is what i know is used in pasta.

Products made from durum wheat flour and water?

Some pastas are only made with durum wheat and water. However some also contain eggs and/or oil. Durum wheat is typically only used in pasta production.

How is pasta picked?

Pasta is not picked, it is made from Durum Wheat flour or Durum wheat semolina. Fresh pasta may include eggs

How many calories in a durum?

one bajillion

Is durum wheat gluten free?


How many bushels of durum wheat equals a ton of urea?

It would take 225 bushels of durum wheat to equal 1 ton of urea.

Is durum wheat high in protein?

No. Durum wheat comes from a different species as common wheat. Durum wheat comes from the species known as Triticum durum. Common wheat comes from the species known as Triticum aestivum. Durum wheat tends to have a higher protein content and is better for making noodles.