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actually, your urine is sterile until it reaches the urinary meatus and exits your body. it's not recommended to drink your own urine, but if you are in an absolute survival situation and have no alternative, you can drink your own urine to sustain yourself.

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Q: Is drinking your own urine dangerous?
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If you drink your own urine do you lose weight?

No, drinking your own urine will not allow you to lose weight.

Is drinking your own urine good for you even if it has meth in it?


Is it safe to drink your urine on a regular basis?

no it not safe to drink your own urine it is dangerous

Does drinking your own filtered urine really strengthen your muscles in your body?

No, it does not.

Is drinking your own urine safe?

Not really, urine is waste, when you urinate you are removing excessive amounts of bacteria from your body.

Does drinking your own urine boost your immune system?

Yes, go try it.

Semen drinking dangerous for health?

semen drinking dangerous for health?

Is drinking your own urine bad for you?

Urine contains all the body's toxins that the kidneys filter out of the blood. So it is indeed harmful to reintroduce toxins to your system.

What is the medical term meaning process of drinking urine?

Urodipsia is the medical term meaning process of drinking urine.

Can you get sick from drinking your own urine?

No humans would not get sick from drinking their own urine. my little brother did it when he was one and he didnt get sick. Actually, it is entirely possible to get sick from drinking urine (yours or others). Urine contains waste products from the body which are being purposely excreted, and re-introducing them is unhealthy. However, consuming small amounts is generally very unlikely to cause problems. In fact, in certain cases where lack of water is of a life-threatening concern, consumption of urine can help keep one hydrated. Overall, though, urine is a body WASTE, and is not beneficial in any way.

Is peeing in your hand Good for your health?

drinking your own urine yess, casue it has nutrients in it, but oeeing in your hand is pretty gross

What do you do if you drink pee. Is it life threatening or will you get sick?

Drinking urine will not harm your body in any way. Many people drink their own urine in dire situations to keep them hydrated.

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