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No, but it probably doesnt taste very good. some cultures boil urine into a powder and make a pill which they use as an aphrodesiac..O ther cultures eat raw oysters...

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Q: Is drinking urine harmful to your health?
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Is urine harmful?

There is a never-ending debate on whether urine is harmful or not. While some argue that drinking urine promotes good health, urine may contain toxic components that may be harmful to the body.

Is rat pee urine harmful to your health?

is rat rat pee urine harmful to ur health and how harmfuk is it

Is pee clean enough to drink?

No, drinking urine can be harmful to your health as it contains waste products and toxins that your body is trying to get rid of. It is not safe to drink urine.

Is drinking harmful for your body?

Drinking alcohol in moderation contributes to better health and longer life. However, abusing it can be harmful.

Is pet urine hazardous to your health?

Yes, of your planning on drinking it.

Is drinking your own urine good for you even if it has meth in it?

No, consuming urine, even if it contains meth, is not safe or recommended. Meth is a harmful drug that can have serious health consequences if ingested, and drinking urine can expose you to a variety of toxins and waste products that your body has already excreted. It is best to avoid consuming urine and seek appropriate medical help for any substance abuse issues.

Can urine drinking in dogs cause health problems?

yes...and that is gross

Is drinking one glass of soda a day harmful to your health?


Is it haramful drink my wife's pee?

No, it is not harmful to drink your wife's urine. Urine is the cleanest liquid in the world, so drinking it will bring you no harm no worries

Why is it more harmful to consume feces than urine?

Urine is basically sterile unless you have an infection. Feces are FULL of bacteria. But you should not get in the habit of drinking urine! It is still body waste.

What happens when a girl drinks boy pee?

Drinking urine from any person, regardless of gender, can be harmful to one's health as urine contains waste products and toxins that the body is trying to eliminate. It can lead to dehydration and potential bacterial infections. It is not safe or recommended to consume anyone else's urine.

My phosphate levels in drinking water is 2500parts per billion is that harmful to my health?

I am thinking so.