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Its not bad but it will increase your sugar level and may increase your pulse

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Q: Is drinking pop before physicals bad?
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Can drinking pop stunt your growth?

No. It is bad for you but moderation is the key. I prefer drinking water or semen.

Do you brush your teeth before or after drinking pop?

I don't have a clue scientifically, but it seems before and after would be the best.

Why is pop bad for your teeth?

The sugars are acidic and break down your teeth's enamel. Brushing your teeth immediately after drinking pop will reduce the danger.

How bad is it to drink pop?

It depends. Do you drink pop five times a day or once every month?? Drinking pop is very bad if you drink it several times a day. Once or twice in a week or month is fine, but be sure to exercise to loss all the fat pop is feeding your body.

Is drinking pop a physical change?

Drinking pop can change your PH scale if you drink a lot of it

Will a baby drinking out of date pop make them ill?

yes, babies should not be drinking out of a pop can. They should only be drinking out of a bottle, out of a breast or out of a sippy cup

Is drinking a pop a chemical change?

It probably could be, but it depends on the pop. I think it depends on what it has in it.

Why does drinking pop make you have cancer?

Welll, It is true!

You are only 13 and your knuckles are big and your fingers look really crooked what can you do to fix this?

don't pop them! (if you pop your knuckles) try taking some medicine for it, before it turns into arthritis and then they will hurt really bad and you will feel bad that you didn't do something about them.

Why are pop ups bad for you?

Pop ups are bad for you because they can secretly put a virus on your computer or if you click on them it Can direct you to an unsecured website with hackers and viruses on them. Also pop ups make it hard to work, they go on your screen and you have to click them off before you can continue doing what you were doing. This can be very annoying and time wasting if there are a lot of pop ups in a row.

Will drinking pop and chewing gum stop your teenth from rotting?

Drinking pop and chewing gum will not keep your teeth from rotting. In fact both pop and gum usually contain high amounts of sugar, which can cause your teeth to rot very quickly unless they are consumed in moderation.

Can a puppy get sick from drinking pop?

I would say it depends I'm not a doctor but like sour pop could probably get it sick