Is drinking pee bad

Updated: 9/14/2023
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of course it is. so don't do it.

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Q: Is drinking pee bad
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What is the purpose of building desalination plants near oceans?

To get the pee smell out of pee. You are drinking pee.

Can you get sick by drinking your pee?


Can you die by drinking some ones pee?


Cat pee was on your underwear is that bad?

almost as bad as dog pee on your underwear

Is it bad when your pee is really yellow?

Yes,It means that the inside of your body is dirty and might not drink water alot so you have to drink water alot to clean your body and make your pee clear and it has to make you pee alot when you drink water alot

What does dark pee mean?

It means you're not drinking enough fluids. Pee should be clear.

How do you die friom drinking your pee?

You do not die from drinking your own pee, it is okay to drink. If you drink another peoples pee it will poison you. Pee is made mostly of water(95%), a little ammonia( 2-3%), and a little (3-5%)dead cells.

How long after drinking does a dog have to pee?

30minutes to an hour

What was Steve Jobs favorite hobby?

Eating do do. And drinking pee

Why do guys like drinking pee?

We don't. If you like to drinking pee then there is something wrong with you go and see a doctor although men like to practice it is not wrong to try it ones but not regally.

Is it bad to hold your pee?

my sister does nursing in her high school and YES it is bad to hold your pee. i think it could lead to..... i dont know i forgot what she told me, but yes holding your pee is bad.

What are the affects of drinking alcohol with hydrocephalus?

you throw up, pee alot, have unbelievable gas, and get bad depression. But the buzz of the drinks feel alot better than just alcohol alone.