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i don't think it is healthy. are you a

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Menstruation is a completely normal part of life. As long as you have it, you are doing pretty well at being healthy.

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Q: Is drinking menstural blood healthy
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What does cow blood taste like?

Cow blood has a coppery taste that may be a little bitter for some. However, drinking blood is generally not a healthy activity.

Why do people think that god is a boy when he could be a girl?


What is a healthy diet that will help lower my blood pressure and my cholesterol?

There are alot of ways to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.You should eat healthy like apples, lettuce, drinking water, eating oranges, and exercising everyday.

Where does period blood come from?

It is simply a lining of the uterus which gets larger throught the menstural cycle which the egg would sit in if you were pregnant. If you are not pregnant that month, the blood is released.

What are the best foods for a person with type b blood to eat?

There are no particular foods which are geared toward a person with any particular blood type. Maintain a healthy diet by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and drinking lots of water. That will keep you and your blood healthy and happy.

Would drinking blood violate vegetarianism?

Drinking animal blood is vegetarianism but drinking human blood would violate it for vampires.

What Can Happen If You Lick Your partners blood?

Nothing really, sometimes drinking blood can be healthy, other times it can be sickening. If the partner has a disease or infection it is possible it can be passed on by this contact depending on the condition.

How do you keep your skin healthy by drinking water?

Drinking water automatically leaves your skin glowing and make the skin healthy..

From where the blood come during menstural cycle?

This comes from the uterus (womb) as the 'old' lining seperates and is 'flushed' away: ready for the new cycle to start.

Is red bone marrow essential for healthy blood or healthy bone?

healthy blood

Came from transylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?

Who came from Transylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?

Who came from Transylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?

Who came from Transylvania and enjoyed drinking blood?