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No it is not but drinking and smoking is very bad for your health anyway

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โˆ™ 2009-05-06 10:01:27
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Q: Is drinking bad when smoking at the same time?
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Is smoking weed and drinking alchol bad for you?

Drinking alcohol, yes. Smoking weed, no.

Smoking vs drinking?

Smoking is always bad for health but only drinking abusively is bad for health. Drinking in moderation promotes better health and greater longevity than not drinking.

Is it bad that im a straight A student but im a bad ass outside of school drinking smoking partying ect?

Yes, it is very bad that you are drinking, smoking, and partying. Keep up the straight A's so that you can get into college.

Is Zayn Malik a bad person?

he is not a bad person but he is bad, under age drinking and smoking all at 19!

Is smoking weed when you have a concussion bad?

Smoking weed is bad at any time.

Is smoking tie weed bad for you?

its better than drinking alcohol i think.

As an adult how is cigarette smoking bad for your health?

Smoking is bad for all ages the same way.

Does drinking hurt you more than smoking weed?

ya. drinking is bad. smoke weed. Answer Drinking alcohol damages more parts of you body then marijuana but weed has the same addictive level of alcohol. Best is to never use it.

Why is passive smoking as bad as smoking?

because you still breathe in the smoke which is bad for you just the same as the smoker.

What activities a mother does that can disrupt fetal development?

Smoking, drinking, cocaine, bad diet

Is smoking marijuana once or twice a month bad for you?

Smoking anything at any time is bad for you. It's certainly not as bad as chain smoking, but it's still bad for you.

Is passive smoking just as bad as normal smoking?

The risks as such are the same, but since the smoke you get into you from passive smoking is more diluted passive smoking is a bit less bad.

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