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can i use desonide cream for hemorohides

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Q: Is desonide a proctosedyl ointment
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How fast can proctosedyl ointment help fissures?

Can proctosedyl ointment help fissures

What is desonide ointment use for?

what is desonide ointment use for

Is Desonide Topical ointment by prescription only?


What over the counter ointment can be use in place of desonide ointment?

There really is no OTC equivalent to Desonide Lotion. There are topical corticosteroids that are OTC that reduce redness and itching such as CortiCool and Hydrocortisone.

Is Desonide Ointment 0.05 percent the same as Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment 0.1 percent?

They are both topical steroids. But Desonide .05% is a mild steroid whereas Triamcinolone Acetonide .1% is a middle strength steroid (so more potent).

Can desonide ointment be used for eye lid swelling redness and inflammation?

no dont use on or around your eyes. I was perscribed desonide oinment for inflamation around my eye and cheek and it has NOT caused any bad effect but it has helped my inflamation. i just don't recommend getting it in your eye.

Can you use desonide on ring worm?

can i use desonide for ring treatment

Is desonide the same as calcipotriene?

Desonide is the not the same as calcipotrone. Desonide is used to treat dry, itchy and flaky skin while calcipotrene is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin D.

Can desonide creme be used on a pets skin?

Desonide is a topical cream that is used to treat rashes and itchiness. A low dosage of Desonide can be used on pets under the direction of a veterinarian.

Can you use proctosedyl ointment again didn't stick to the prescribed amount the first time it's been over a month so can i start using it again?

You can use the medicine if its for the same condition as before. You can also visit your doctor to see if he will prescribe something stronger.

Can you use desonide cream on diaper rash?

My doctor just prescribed my child desonide for her diaper rash. He said that it should only be used once a day.

Can you use desonide 0.05 percent cream on the face?