Is cuming bad for you

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. It is simply an aerosol for ever you spell it.

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Q: Is cuming bad for you
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its cuming out on eid

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Is cuming bad?

no, i do it like 3 times a day, nothing happens, except if u dont pee first, then u could get the stinging feeling on ur penis, but it go's away, cuming is normal, its masturbating

Is cuming at a young age bad?

By 'cuming' I take it you mean ejaculating through masturbation. In what sense do you mean bad? Morally wrong or bad for your health or bad for your mind? I think it is not bad for your health or morally wrong but it can be bad for your mind depending on your fantasies at the time. If you think of harming someone and that turns you on then you are sick and have a condition that is hard to cure. If you think of something delightfully sexy that is normal and harmless. Enjoy

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