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Umm.... probably!

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Q: Is cracks in the tongue a bad thing?
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Why do some people have cracks in their tongue?

some people have cracks on their tongue because they were born with a disease or infection in their mouth when they were born.( And if you ask how I know......... my step- father has that on this tongue and I ask him and that's what he tells me.!)

How to heal cracks on my tongue?

Administer the proper hygiene by brushing your tongue regularly. Be sure to stay hydrated. Fissures and cracks in your tongue are often caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency so increase your intake or try supplements. Remember, it's best to get the advice of an actual doctor.

Is it bad if your ankle cracks?


What are the most common diseases in the mouth?

cracks, furry tongue and stomatitis

What were tongue scrapers used for in the colonial times?

the colonial apothecaries believes that the white stuff on your tongue was bad germs. the tongue scraper was used to clean the tongue. they placed it at very back of tongue, pressed down, and pulled forwards. then, they cleaned it off, and did the same thing, until the tongue didnt have anything else on it.

What is the white coating on the tongue Tried a tongue scraper but it doesnt work and also have bad breath and bad taste in the mouth Can this be due to constipation?

More likely, whatever is causing the halitosis and the white coating on your tongue is the same thing causing the constipation. Review your diet over the last week, including meds, and see if the answer lies therein.

What is global tongue?

Look up "geographic tongue" for explanation, same thing...

Using tongue in pushy good or bad?

It is not a good idea to use your tongue for pushy.

What is the name bone of the tongue of the tongue?

There is no bonw in the tongue. The tongue is pure muscle

What is a tongue piercing about?

its a sexual thing

Why is it bad luck walking on sidewalk cracks?

No. That is a childhood nonsense rhyme.

What is cost for replacement Audi A4 Tongue converter?

There is no such thing called a TONGUE converter