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no it is not good since it leads to kidney stones

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Q: Is combination of spinach and tomato cooked together good for health?
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Is lamb curry with spinach good for you?

provided you do not have health conditions that do not forbid you from eating it. Spinach has a high iron content and is good for health

Is eating a lot of water spinach bad for you?

water spinach is harmless and is also a very health for you!

Does consumption of milk and fish at a time causes any health hazard?

Usually milk and fish together is not a problem. There are recipes that call for fish to be cooked in milk.

Is the combination of tomato and spinach dangerous for health?

Yes it can be very dangerous because of the acid in the tomatos mixing with the green stuff in the spinach. The side effects are anything from turning a reddish green colour to urinating bolognaise sauce. In extreme cases toxic smoke can come out of your ears causing death by poisoning.

Jenny recorded the effects of eating spinach on her health. Which of these is a control variable?

The control variable (or scientific constant) in scientific experimentation is the experimental element which is constant and unchanged throughout the course of the investigation.Eating Spinach

Is eating dog bad for your health?

If it is uncooked, yes. If it is cooked, possibly.

What combination of vegetables are dangerous for health?

poisonous chemical combination of vegetables are dangerous for health.

What is the definitions of the health triangle?

The UK's online health and wellness magazine is called 'Health Triangle' (which you can read on the website). This name was chosen because it reflects the notion that the maintenance and promotion of health is achieved through different combination of physical, mental, and social well-being, is together sometimes referred to as the "health triangle".

Why are vegetables are healthy for you?

they contain nutrients that are essential for your health

Can parakeets eat cooked oatmea?

yes because oatmeal is actually good for their health

Can you take zithromax and suphedrine pe together?

That's a pretty typical combination. If each is safe for you to use, they are safe to use together. Contact your pharmacist or health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

Can you give a tortoise cooked bacon?

Definetly not. Stick to feeding your tortoise fungi, plants, fruits and veggies as cooked bacon can lead to serious health issues for your tortoise.