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Colic is a risk to any infant. Colic causes gas that is unbearable which causes the baby to cry excessively

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Q: Is colic a risk with preterm infants?
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Can you see diabetes insipidus in preterm infants?

no because it is on the inside

What feeding practices is recommended for preterm infants?

The feeding practice of on-demand feeding is recommended for preterm infants. Either breast milk or formula should be fed when the baby seems hungry.

What are the demographics of colic?

Colic, which is not a disease, affects 10-20% of all infants. It is more common in boys than in girls and most common in a family's first child

What to do if your horse on howrsecom develops colic?

To cure colic, you need to give your horse antispasmodic medicine which can be bought from the shop. If your horse is under or overweight, it will be at greater risk of colic.

Can a UTI cause early labor?

Yes, UTI can increase the risk of preterm labor.

What is a bacterial infection cause from mycoplasma?

Mycoplasma species have been isolated from women with bacterial vaginosis. M. genitalium infection is associated with increased risk of cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, preterm birth and spontaneous abortion, and infertility. Mycoplasmas are associated with fetal respiratory distress syndrome, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, intraventricular hemorrhage in preterm infants, and most commonly what is termed as -walking-pneumonia.

Where should the late preterm infant be monitored after birth?

preterm infants are monitored in a neonatal intensive care unit where they are put in incubators which cater for their need.the modern incubators cater for,oxygen,intravenous infusion treatment and warmth.They have special gadgets that help in maintaining the conditions as required. In developing countries where there are no electricity,the preterm are put in kangaroo care(skin to skin contact)with the mother and encouraged to breastfeed to minimize infection through improving the infants immunity system.

Does UTI leads to infertility?

No, but a UTI during pregnancy may increase the risk of preterm labor.

Why has your doctor put you on steroids you are pregnant with twins?

ASk him/her. Steroids are used to mature the baby's lungs if there is a risk of preterm delivery, but twions are not usually that much at risk, and the latest research suggests that only one course should be given if there is actual preterm labor.

How much more common is cerebral palsy in premies?

The risk for CP in a preterm infant (32-37 weeks) is increased about five-fold over the risk for an infant born at term. Survivors of extremely preterm births (less than 28 weeks) face as much as a 50-fold increase in risk.

What is xiphoid retraction?

It is one of the sign of increasing work of breathing, commonly seen in preterm infants. It's characterized by visual sinking of the xiphoid process.

What is the prevalence of premature birth or prematurity?

PROM occurs in about 10% of all pregnancies. Only about 20% of these cases are preterm PROM. Preterm PROM is responsible for about 34% of all premature births.