Is chris crocker a girl or boy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1. i think that,that thing chris crocker is a man gone women.......... lol... who can blame me........ but i honestly think that chris crocker is a man gone women/wild.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

2. Who knows? Really?

Hey its jessiewuzhere I'm just adding on to this answer.... Chris Crocker is a man (kinda) he does wear woman's clothes and makeup he also does wear hair extensions (he says so himself) and is DEFINATLY gay but I'm also hearing that he is a tranny. For those of u who dont know what a tranny is its the new way 2 say transgender. but i totally agree he has gone wild so if u have any more info on Crockers gender or if hes tranny plz add on 2 this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I guess i kinda know.... then again can any1 really be sure about Chris Crocker (other than hes gay)????

Yes, he definitly is a tranny! Because he has lot's of YouTube video's that are him of being a guy and a girl.

The really gross thing is that he made a song on iTunes, called Mind In The Gutter. It's a GIRL'S VOICE. And the song is about having sex! If you know who Chris Crocker is, it's really awkard to listen to it!

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chris crocker a man dressed up like a girl no offenc to people who think it is a girl

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The name "Chris" pretty much says it all. Chris Crocker is a male transvestite.

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Q: Is chris crocker a girl or boy?
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