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Only if the phone is on (if the screen is on [lit up]) then it can effect your sleep, yes.

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Q: Is charging your phone next to you while your sleeping unhealthy?
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Does it mess up your phone when you talk on your cell phone when it is charging?

No. It is no different than texting or browsing the internet while your phone is charging.

Can you use your phone while charging?

Of Course! You can preform any function on a phone while charging, including calling and texting!

Why do you have to turn cell phone off while charging?

you dont.

Can you get electrocuted while talking on your cell phone if it is not charging?


Is using answering the cell phone while plugged in dangerous?

it shouldnt be dangerous. its like using a laptop while its charging or using your ipod touch while charging.

Why does your phone charger keep breaking?

because you use it while its charging

How do you know when your blackberry is done charging?

If you look at your blackberry phone while it's charging, by the battery icon there is a wire looking symbol with a plug located right next to it. Once your blackberry phone is done charging the symbol will disappear indicating that your blackberry phone is done fully charging.

Can turning on plane mode on your phone while charging can damage it?

No. This will not damage your phone and will in fact make it charge faster.

What if you cant talk while its charging and you got to make and important phone call?

Use a LAN line, pay phone or a neighbor's/friends' phone.

Can i use my Android phone while charging?

Yes you can - it will just take slightly longer to charge.

What happens to your usb cord when you use it while charging your phone?

If you are charging your device on a laptop or desktop, your charge time will be much slower. From a wall plug, it will be faster.

Can a cell phone catch fire if you talk on it while it's charging?

I have been told that this is indeed possible.