Is candy good to your teeth?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Yes, candy can lead to cavities.

To avoid it:

1. Just brush your teeth after eating candy.

2. Avoid eating too much candy

3. Eat candy like caugh drops,and more ,candy with a lot of nutrition.

4. Go to the dentist if this happens.

You can avoid it using these useful tips. If you do it, you'll have better protection against cavities. Be sure to visit the dentist once or twice a year.

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Not on its own, but the sugar sticks to your teeth where it is then used as food by bacteria. It is these bacteria that cause the cavities as they digest the sugar. Thus if you don't eat sugar and keep your teeth clean you will be less likely to get cavities.

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no but chocolate is it disolve germs in your mouth

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Not necessarily. If candy hurts your teeth, odds are that you have cavities and need some dental work, but not specifically braces.

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Q: Is candy good to your teeth?
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How does candy rotes teeth?

what kind of candy is good for your teeth

What is better for teeth candy or fruit?

Fruit is way better for your teeth than candy. Candy has sugar, which rots your teeth. Besides being good for your teeth, fruit is healthy for you.

Why does candy hurt your teeth?

The sugar in the candy can rott your teeth

Does candy shrink you?

No, candy is safe in that way, but if you have too much of it, it's not very good for your teeth and can make you fat.

Why can't goldfish eat candy?

because it doesn't have good and sharp teeth

Can you have some candy?

you can have some candy but if you know you are a kid with cavities then don't even try it unless you want your teeth pulled lol but yea candy is good no Halloween.

Difference hard candy vs soft candy?

Hard candy vs soft candy:Hard candy hurts your teeth and soft candy is squishy so it wouldn't hurt your teeth

Which is more damaging to the teeth hard candy or a candy bar?

hard candy

Does bubble gum clean teeth?

Yes, Hubba Babba gum has a lot of sugar that can damage your teeth and cause your teeth to get cavity's. Eat sugar-free gum like orbit, stride, 5 gum, and trident because those gum are actually proven to be good for your teeth. Chew on!

What destroys the enamel on your teeth?

candy and pop. Not brushing your teeth! Fr.Reed

Does the die in candy make your teeth yellow?

yellow teeth is plaque built up this can be caused by sugar which is in candy so yes

Is it true that candy is bad for your teeth or is that just an old wives tale?

Candy is indeed bad for the teeth,but not nearly as bad as our moms would have us think. You will do more damage to your teeth with soda and fruit juice,due to the acid,than you will with candy.