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Branding: Is it wrong?In some states it is even considered illegal. Saw a newsreport about this very problem and the practice is being lauded as a huge problem, especially in larger cities. It has also gotten worse since tatoo parlors can no longer tatoo anyone under 18 without a parents permission, and perhaps not even then in some places. Many tatoo parlors won't brand teenagers anyway even without tough laws. Branding is an extremely painful process that can also lead to infection and if not treated even death. Burns are very serious and what you are leaving is a deep scar. Should the girlfriend be under 18 there are more sever consequences for the act, especially if the male who branded her is over 18. It is fairly certain that if the girl is under 18 her parents will find out.

Dads are notorious for going a bit crazy when their little girls are harmed physically by anyone. Since this question didn't ask if it was illegal rather than just if it was wrong... I'd ask this question in return. "If you had a daughter would you think it was wrong for her boyfriend to brand her?" If you are honest with yourself you will probably answer a resounding Yes to that question. Yes you would think it was wrong if your daughter was branded, even if it was your daughter's idea, even if it was a cool 'status' symbol. Even if she begged the boy, you would hope and pray that the boy in question was smart enough, wise enough, and good enough, to not want to inflict pain and physical scarring on any woman.

Branding carries with it a lot of negative connotations, ones that a boyfriend would be inflicting upon a girlfriend for the rest of her life. Branding has been used on slaves, on cattle and livestock, on Jews in nazi concentration camps just to name a few. It is a mark of ownership, and indicates that the girl is less than human. Women aren't slaves and they aren't cattle.

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Q: Is branding your girlfriend wrong
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