Is boofing e pills unhealthy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes (hope this helped) :)

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Q: Is boofing e pills unhealthy
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What is boofing pills?

Boofing, also known as shafting or plugging is administering pills rectally.

How do you boof?

Boofing is the art of anal insertion. A legitimate boof is one that many Boofers would refer to as "knuckle deep". not going knuke deep would result in an incorrect boof. Boofing is known to get you as high as you possibly can.

How alcohol causes disease?

its unhealthy gets to your heart disease fatel pills can cause fatal risks

Not healthy in French?

depends what you mean. do you mean an unhealthy PERSON, unhealthy CONDITIONS or an unhealthy DIET. Person- maladif/maladive Diet- malsain(e) Conditions- insalubre

Is there any way to end your period on the first day it starts without the use of pills?

No and it is very unhealthy to do so with pill.

What are e712 pill?

what are e 712 pills

What do you get when you pop 10 e pills?


what nutrient if not taken will lead to an unhealthy reproductive system?

vitamin E

What are the release dates for E Investigates Addicted to Pills - 2010 TV?

E Investigates Addicted to Pills - 2010 TV was released on: USA: 14 January 2010


hell no that stuff doesnt work. its really unhealthy actually.

What is the street price of e pills?

In my town it's about 2 pills of Mali (pure extacy) for $7-10 depending on the dealer

What are unhealthy ways to maintain weight loss management?

The most unhealthy way to maintain weight loss is starvation. Another way is taking weight loss pills which can cause many health problems. Also some people take laxatives and purge.