Is big l crip or blood?

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What gets me angry is that people always claim they know about rappers life style. Big L was Blood not Piru. His set came from uptown Yonkers, Aka Jadakiss. His set was hugely affiliated with Fat Joe. But he was never affiliated with B.I.G. Biggie was not blood nor crip. But he affiliated with the Crips and Grapes too much. Tupac on the other side was an Official blood. But at that time Piru was not rivaled with Crips until crips took out one of the main tripple OG's. People are convinced that Tupac was crip because he made songs with Snoop Dogg (Double OG/Tripple OG Crip) and Dr. Dre(Crip). But Suge Knight, owner of Deathrow signed Snoop Dogg under his label. Snoop Dogg was affiliated with bloods. Theres all the information you need to know.

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Q: Is big l crip or blood?
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