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nope he is'nt but has a girlferind andy kowalewicz xxx

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Apparently he is still married too Rachel Turner since 2011. Another site states that he is single? He also has a 2yr old baby

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Q: Is ben kowalewicz of billy talent married?
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What is the name of the singer of Billy Talent?

Benjamin Kowalewicz

What is the singers name for billy talent?

Ben Kowalewicz

Names of band members in billy talent?

Benjamin Kowalewicz Ian D'Sa Jonathan Gallant Aaron Solowoniuk

Dose billy talent have any brothers or sisters?

If you mean the singer of the band billy talent (singers name is ben kowalewicz), then he has 1 brother

What are the names of the people in billy talent?

ben kowalewicz, ian d'sa, Jonathan gallant, aaron solowoniuk

Is marina drujko dating ben kowalewicz of billy talent?

no. now she date amir derakh from Julien K.

What country was billy talent born?

Ben Kowalewicz- Montreal QC Ian D'sa- somewhere in the United Kingdom Jon Gallant- Streetsville ON Aarom Solowoniuk- " "

What movie inspired the name billy talent?

They were inspired by the guitarist 'Billy Tallent' in Michael Turner's novel Hard Core Logo. The inspirational medium for this band was Bruce McDonald's film adaptation. This led to fans mistaking Ben Kowalewicz as being called Billy Talent. :)

Is the band name Billy Talent named after a fictional character in the movie hard core Logo?

Yes ,the singer is named Billy Talent No youre wrong,and dumb the singer of the band Billy Tallent is named Ben Kowalewicz ,the band billy tallent got there name from the fictional character named billy tallent in the movie Hard core Logo.

Where was billy talent born?

billy talent got his name of the Canadian novel "hardcore logo". because a guitarrist was named billy tallent they also named like that so they just erased an L and that's pretty much the story of their name.

Does Ben Kowalewicz believe in God?

Ben Kowalewicz has never publically commented on his religious beliefs.

Does Ben Kowalewicz have a Myspace?

What do you think?