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yes. with me. he's a very intelligent and bright man and i love him very much. we are expecting our 11th child this summer:)

Memphis own Ben Nichols of the local rock band Lucero is reportedly ready to pop the question to his new girlfriend, Lauren Elizabeth Bumgarner or Forrest City Arkansas! Ben was spotted with the young girl after his solo show in Hot Springs Arkansas last night and eventually spent the evening with his new squeeze at the Four Seasons Hotel. Ms. Bumgarner (Lauren Elizabeth) then made the following post on Facebook the following morning after leaving the company of Ben Nichols:

Lauren Elizabeth what a night :) its only getting better!! I'm walking away from my mistakes, Im learning how to take it day by day. ___and with him ::: Our chemistry is all I want :)

Ms. Bumgarner also messaged a friend of her's during the night saying that she, "loves the way he licks my p_ _ _y". She also stated, "he's already in love with me", and "I think he's going to ask me to marry him".

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Q: Is ben Nichols of lucero in a relationship?
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