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Well Yes but not to skinny a nice healthy weight would do because no one realy goes are look a that hot girl when shes fat. but this doesnt mean being anorexic or nothing like that, just a healthy weight will do.

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Q: Is being skinny the only way of being beautiful?
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Is being skinny the only way to get and keep a white man?


Why is being skinny the only way to get a boyfriend or guys to even speak to you?

Because we like fit or skinny girls

Do you have to be skinny to be a ballarina?

no, you only have to love what your doing. if someone wont accept you because of the way you look or your wieght its their loss. being skinny is not being talanted

Is weighing 160 pounds and being 6' too skinny?

No way! This is a 'normal' weight for your height. Not at all too skinny!

Is a person ugly?

NO! Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

Was Paris Hilton once fat?

no but being ultra skinny is way worse

Do One Direction like girls who are fat or skinny?

they dont care how a girl looks every girl is beautiful in their own way :)

Are models too skinny?

yes. way too skinny. unhealthily skinny.

How do you be beautiful?

You don't need a how to on being beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own different way already :) You just have to find out yours in your own time.

Do you need to be skinny?

no you dont , everybodys body is beautiful whatever way you have it && you may not like a few bulqes and bumps here && there but that can be resolved by dancinq in a late niqht club.

What does Darcy Bussel look like?

She is very beautiful and muscly she has brown hair, she is skinny and very flexible. The way she dances is amazing if you go on google images there are loads to look at.

You are 10 and you weight 53 pounds is that skinny?

That is a way skinny. in my world you should way beyween 70-85