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Well I would call it a gift, as because you don't wanna be stuck as a person who cant get relationships. But you don't want girls to be all around you every 10 seconds, as everyone needs a bit of space. I would say a gift.

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Q: Is being extremely handsome a gift or a curse?
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The antonym for gift is greed gabby of colorado age17 Or "curse"

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A magical power that people can have. It is either a gift or a curse.

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gift of beauty gift of song weakens the curse

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In chapter 18, the sponsor's gift comes from Stanley Yelnats, the great-great-grandson of Elya Yelnats. Stanley's family has a history of bad luck, and the curse that was placed on their ancestor Elya is believed to have brought them misfortune. The gift is a result of Stanley breaking the curse by fulfilling a promise made by his ancestor.

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