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yes being engaging means that you have the ability to keep his attention whether it be your looks or your personality

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Q: Is being called engaging a compliment to a women?
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What are good backhanded compliments on women?

A backhanded compliment is an insult disguised as a compliment, or a compliment which can be interpreted as an insult.

Why do some women find it hard to accept a sincere compliment?

Some women find it hard to accept a sincere compliment because they do not think you mean it.

How do you flatter or compliment a women with an hourglass figure?

Compliment her on her eyes, smile the clothes she wears the way her hair is.

What is men counting women called?

Depends. If a guy counts how many women he likes, it's called being a repulsive male.

Do women like being called chicks?

To Be Honest, It Depends on There Personality. I Don't Like Being Called A "Chick" But That's My Opinion....

What is the name of the movie with women being punished by shaving their heads?

this movie came out in the 1960 and it was called '5 Branded Women"

Why do men call women a princess?

A Princess or the wife of a prince, suggests appreciation, beauty and marriage - it's a compliment.

What do you do men do humping a girl?

if he wanted to and the women was ok with it yes

What type of society is it called that recognizes the women as being the headof the family?

matriarchy society

Why do guys whistle at girls?

It used to be called the "Wolf Whistle" and it was a way of some brassy men to let a woman know they think she's attractive. It's a compliment in a crude manner, but more often than not, women appreciate it. I am 14 and do not like being whisled at by old creepy guys! Its just discusting! I hate it when guys whistle!

Are pimps good?

In my day it was not. [In 8th grade I swung on a boy who called me a pimp.] A pimp was a man too lazy to work, so he got women to prostitute for him. Pimp was a fighting word then. We also did not call each other dog, fool, ni--er, or the sh-t, but like pimp they seem to be compliments today. Being called a lazy man who lives off women is NEVER a compliment. It is a shameful, illegal thing to do. A pimp is a modern day equivalent of a slave trader.

Why are women offended of being called a minority.?

Minority are excluded people. No one wants to be excluded.