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in love

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Q: Is baekhyun in love with taeyeon or it's just a crush or some sm drama?
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Is that true that exo baekhyun and snsd taeyeon are lovers?

Nope,its just rumours. They are probably close sunbae and hobae relationship!

Why do you think taeyeon from girls generation is leeteuk's girlfriend?

No, just SuJu-SNSD leader pair.

Is Kim Taeyeon better than Jessica Jung from Girls Genaration?

No. Overall- Beauty- Jessica is more pretty while Taeyeon is cute. Both girls are pretty and cute but Jessica is more mature, pretty and cute as well while Taeyeon is Cute. Singing- Jessica is still the best out of these two. Even though SM promotes Taeyeon's singing more, Jessica has the better voice. She can hit high notes and her voice is soft, warm and sweet (angelic). Taeyeon can't hit the high notes as well as Jessica as Taeyeon strains but Jess hits them like a pro. Taeyeon is unstable and her voice is strong and bold (rough (in a good way)) Personality- Jessica is more warm and carefree but both girls are very kind and nice. I hope you can see that not only in my opinion, in SMent, countless fans and countless professionals Jessica is better than Taeyeon. It is just that SM promotes Taeyeon more.

Is taeyeon and hyungdon married?

No, they were just asked to get married (fake) and be a couple on this Korean reality show called, "We got Married." Taeyeon and Hyungdon were asked to be a couple. The point of the show was to see how the chosen couple would act together. Taeyeon and Hyungdon were fine until they overheard about Hyungdon having a girlfriend and was thinking about dropping out, even though one of the rules was not to be involved in a relationship during the show. Not only that, Hyungdon was 11 years older than Taeyeon. Although this was a while ago. They had a divorce on their final episode starring Taeyeon and Hyungdon. Now SNSD's Seohyun and CN Blues's Yonghwa is on "We got Married." (Thinkinggirl)

What is the maening of crush?

Crush.. first of all, is different from LOVE. Crush is just an infatuation. Crush is when you admire somebody for one of his/her characters. Crush just means you `like` , not `love` somebody.

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Just as your crush.

What does it mean if your crush's friend says woohoo when i walk past?

eirther just your crush, just your crush's friend, or both of them like you or find you attractive

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you ask your crush's best friend to ask your crush who your crush likes(it may not work but just try)

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Dont spend your time to the crush of your crush..... If you are ready you may just tell to your crush that you are more better than her (and kick the face of the crush of your crush(just Joking)or you may go to your crush and talk him something funny and if you be a friend that's good and do your good plan at that time..........!!(smile)

What is suspense drama?

Now, this is just a guess, but I think that it might be drama that is suspenseful.

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