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Attraction to others is very normal in a healthy relationship. It only becomes a problem if there is an issue with trust or if you decide to act on these feelings.

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Q: Is attraction towards others normal in a relationship?
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Is there a specific term for a sexual attraction towards watching others being cruel to a third party?

This is a form of sado-masochism (depending on whether the watcher is identifying with the punisher or the punished).

How are proximity to others and attraction correlated?

positively correlated

In the movie Shane what is the relationship between Marian and Shane?

Their relationship, to others, is platonic, but one can sense the attraction that they have for each other, even to the point of love. But because they are both "honest and truthful", they will not yield to that love and destroy Joe, little Joe, Marian and Shane.

What is an aromantic?

An aromantic is a person who does not experience romantic attraction to others.

Why are men and women attracted to each other?

in all honesty its physical attraction at first glance but the physical attraction only goes so far, i know this becaseu i myself am a man and what i do is i will look at a girl, if they are attractive i will try to see the kind of person they are, if she is diffrent from others and mekes me happy i might try to move on to a depper relationship

Is touching boys through puberty normal?

It is normal for boys to be curious about each others bodies but not to touch each others genitals if that is what the question is saying ! It does happen but is not common. It is best to wait until you are fully developed and sure of your sexuality before you start any sort of sexual relationship.

Is it wrong to like vagina's?

No, it is not wrong to have a preference or attraction to a particular genitalia. As long as your interest and attraction is consensual and respectful towards others, it is a matter of personal preference and not wrong.

What does it mean if a man licks his lips when looking at a woman?

That's a normal way to begin to evaluate her as a potential mate. Physical attraction is usually the first thing that sparks a relationship, then common interests, how the person interacts with you, do you enjoy each others company, do you get along, etc. It's a long process, but normally starts when a facial evaluation.

Why did Zodiac kill couples?

The most likely reason would be that Zodiac could not relate to women in a normal way. By killing couples, he eliminated others who could. It is also likely that Zodiac had a hatred for women, blaming them for his inability to a normal relationship.

Is it normal for a peacock to fight with a baby turkey?

Yes, that is normal. Most poultry and birds have a tendency to be violent towards each others. Especially young turkeys. Most turkeys, in fact, become cannibals at a young age and are required to be separated until mature.

Can he be into you if he is in a relationship?

yes it is possible but if he’s into you while in a relationship he may also be into others

Is it normal to not know why your depressed?

Yes. Depression can arise spontaneously. Many cases are genetic, whereas others are situational (divorce, job loss, financial stress, relationship stress, etc.).