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An eagle would be a 3rd order consumer because it eats other animals and 3rd level is carnivore.

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Q: Is an eagle 2nd and third order consumer?
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Does the 2nd order consumer eat the 1st order consumer?


Is a bald eagle a 1st or 2nd consumer?

1st, they hunt live prey

Third level consumers?

A 4th order cosumer is the consumer that feeds of third level consumers (kindof a no-brainer answer). 3rd order consumers feed of 2nd order cosumers and 2nd order consumers feed off 1st order consumers and 1st order consumers feed off producers like grass or bushes; plants that make their own energy from the sun... hope this answer is good enough.

What is a 4th level consumer?

A Highest order consumer is the top of the food chain. They are eaten by nothing and eat everything .

What type of consumer is a southern sea otter?

as a matter a fact its a 2nd order

Who do you turn a food chain to a food web?

You keep a producer then one 1st order consumer then a 2nd order consumer and last a 3rd order consumer and at the end use a fungi or a mushroom or bacteria to end the food web

Is an Arctic wolf 1st order heterotroph or 2nd order heterotroph?

Its third order heterotroph

Order of consumers in the ecosystem?

Sun or hydrothermal vent produces for the producer (not an animal but still a producer) NOTE: This example is in the ocean Primary Producer: phytoplankton 1st order consumer / Primary Consumer: zoo plankton 2nd order consumer / Secondary Consumer: fish 3rd order consumer / Tertiary Consumer: Seal / Sealion/ Penguin 4th order consumer / Quaternary Consumer: Killer whale / Shark / Polar bear

What is a herbivore and a third level consumer?

a herbivore is a 2nd level consumer it only eats small animals also plants, worms, and birdy nuts.A 3rd level consumer only eats meat meat meat......

What type of consumer are coyotes?

A coyote is a second order consumer because it eats first order consumers such as rabbits.

What level consumer is pig?

2nd consumer

What is the 2nd largest eagle in the world?

Wedge tailed eagle