Is alprax a sleeping tablet

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Alprax is not a sleeping tablet. It is a drug that is prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks. However, a side effect of Alprax is that it can make you sleepy or drowsy.

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Q: Is alprax a sleeping tablet
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What happens if you take 10 alprax?

i want tat tablet

What is the use of anxinil 0.25 drug?

its a sleeping tablet

How do you make sleeping tablet?

It is best to buy them from a chemist ect.

Can an overdose of alprax kill a person?

The drug known as "Alprax" contains a benzodiazepine called Alprazolam. An overdose of this alone would not usually cause a fatality but it can be lethal when mixed with alcohol or other drugs.

Can dog die if eats sleeping tablet?

I think if it eats too much yes.

How many sleeping tablet needed a people to die?

It takes six to kill a person

How do you make a sleeping tablet?

buy it in the shop

What is the difference between a tranquilizer and a sleeping tablet?

tranquilizers are injected as a liquid into the body or through the oral cavity as a sedative, but sleeping pills are used voluntarily and are usually in a capsule.

What is Promethazine hydrochloride tablets?

An antihistamin tablet, which causes drowzyness. Can be used for short term sleeping problems.

Were can you buy a sleeping tablet?

There are many sleeping tablets available to buy and one that is quite popular is called Zopiclone. It is known for its effectiveness in treating insomnia and is known to induce sleep quickly. This helps you to sleep throughout the night without interruption. It works best for treating short term sleep problems and must not be used as a long term solution. This is because it is a hypnotic sleeping tablet and can become habit forming. Hence when you buy sleeping tablets do not place an order in large

What is the side effect of tablet alatrol?

When I take alatrol , I feel very pain on my head (left side), also feel sleeping

What is the fastest acting and safest sleeping tablet?

You need to consult a physician about your own needs. We cannot know all your medical requirements.