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^ ^ ^ what you jib-jabbering about? Yes he is!

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Q: Is ali paul from Elliot minor dating anybody?
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What is Ali Paul from Elliot minor's msn address?

He does not have one.

What is the birth name of Elliot Paul?

Elliot Paul's birth name is Elliot Harold Paul.

Is Chris Paul dating anybody?

Yes he is unfortunately dating his college sweetheart Jennifer Crawley she's having his baby. Lucky her...congrats.

What are the chuckle brothers names?

Barry Elliot and Paul Elliot

When was Elliot Paul born?

Elliot Paul was born on February 3, 1891, in Linden, Massachusetts, USA.

When did Elliot Paul die?

Elliot Paul died on April 7, 1958, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Is Paul Elliot dead?


Is Adrian Paul dating anybody and is there going to be a new series?

Adrian Paul has dated Alexandra Tonnelli for over 10 years. They have homes in L.A., Italy and Hungary. They have a baby daughter Annalisa born in 2010.

What are the names of members in Elliot minor?

Alex Davies - Guitar/Vocals Edward Minton - Guitar/Vocals Teddy Hetherton - Bass/Vocals Ali Paul - Keyboards Dan Hetherton - Drums/Percussion

Are maxi priest and paul Elliot brothers?

They are first cousins.

In Elliot minor what guitar does alex davies use?

During live performances Alex Davies uses a selection of PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitar. More notably one from the SC range (245/250)

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