Is aftertaste endocentric or exocentric

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is aftertaste endocentric or exocentric
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Is jackknife endocentric or exocentric?


Is mainstream endocentric or exocentric?

mainstream is exocentric

Is the word lawmaker endocentric or exocentric?


Is graveyard endocentric or exocentric compound?

It is an endocentric compound ;) It's a kind of yard where there are graves

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word endocentric?

Cold water is an endocentric construction, since it functions as would the noun water. Greenhouse is an endocentric compound, since it is a noun as is its head house.

Is this sentence a new era of media message an endocentric sentence?

'A new era of media message' is not a complete sentence. But yes, it is an endocentric phrase, because it can serve as a noun.

What is an aftertaste?

An aftertaste is a taste remaining after the the substance causing it is no longer in the mouth.

How do you use aftertaste in a sentence?

Aftertaste we had some cake for dessert In my opinion, a better sentence would be: After eating cake for dessert, we all had a wonderful aftertaste in our mouths.

What is the antonym of aftertaste?


How Many Syllables In Aftertaste?


What actors and actresses appeared in The AfterTaste of the AfterLife - 2008?

The cast of The AfterTaste of the AfterLife - 2008 includes: Anton Benois as Lennon Betty Koras as Linda

What Words that start with after?

afterthought, afterword, afternoon, aftertaste