Is acetone flammable

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no, its a combustible

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Q: Is acetone flammable
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Is hexane acetone mixture flammable?


What is wrong with acetone and white spirits?

Acetone and white spirits can be dangerous by inhalation and are very flammable.

How do you apply acetone to metal before welding?

In general, you would not. Acetone is a rather flammable liquid.

Will acetone harm concrete?

No, it won't. It can be poisonous though, and it very flammable.

In which class does acetone belong to?

In terms of chemical class, acetone is a ketone and, more broadly, an organic chemical. In terms of hazard classification, acetone is a Class 3 Flammable Liquid

Safety precautions of acetone?

Acetone is very flammable and should be kept in a cool place. If it is spilled on skin or eyes, it should be washed off immediately.

When you put nail polish remover on something and put it in the laundry machine will it catch on fire?

Most nail polish remover has acetone, a VERY flammable liquid in it. If you have acetone on cloth, it should not be put in a washer- not should any other flammable lquid.

Is acetone a compound element or mixture?

acetone is a organic compound. it is colorless and flammable liquid. it is made from propene

What is a colorless flammable toxic aromatic liquid used as a solvent or insecticide?

Benzene is a colorless, flammable, and toxic aromatic compound that is often used as a solvent. PCH ANSWER: Acetone

Is a acetone an element or compound?

Acetone is a chemical compound and not just a single substance. It is colorless, has a distictive smell and is flammable.

How do you get nail polish off a counter?

Test in an inconspicuous spot first! Acetone can damage some surfaces.With nail polish remover. The more acetone in it the better. 100% ACETONE IS VERY FLAMMABLE! Be EXTREMELY careful! Fire extinguisher required. Ventilate area!

Is acetone and acetate the same?

Acetone and acetate are not the same. Acetone is a violate, flammable manufactured liquid that is colorless. Acetate is a synthetic fabric, filament, or yarn.