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A wooden splint should not be soft or flexible or it is not going to work.

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Q: Is a wooden splint soft or flexible?
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What is the difference between a burning wooden splint and a glowing wooden splint?

A burning wooden splint has a visible flame at its burning end while a glowing wooden splint has glowing ember at its glowing end. Placing a glowing splint in a container with oxygen will cause it to burst into flames and become a burning splint.

Reaction for heated CuCO3 and a wooden splint?

The CuCO3 produces CO2 when it is heated, so the wooden splint will go out since the carbon dioxide would inhibit the oxygen from allowing the splint to stay lit.

What happens to a wooden splint in gas cylinder filled with carbon dioxide?

If the wooden splint happened to be on fire when it was placed into the cylinder filled with carbon dioxide, the fire will go out. Other than that, nothing happens to the wooden splint. It will just sit there quietly, doing nothing.

What would you classify hydrogen?

test it with burining wooden splint

What is the thing called that lights a Bunsen burner in chemistry class?

The stick used to light a Bunsen burner is called a splint however you have to light the splint with a match

What are the uses of a Wooden Splint?

Wooden splints are used in chemistry labs. Various experiments are conducted using these splints.

What is the best material for a wrist splint?

A wrist splint is used to stabilize or immobilize the wrist joint. The materials used for a wrist splint vary; some are quite hard such as a plastic splint, while others are quite soft such as an aluminum splint.

What does a wooden splint look like?

It looks like a big popsicle stick

What is a wooden splint that is used in an experiment?

A wooden splint that is used in an experiment is set on fire and held over a container of gas. The color of flame and amount of popping that the woodne splint does will tell you what type of gas is in the container. They test for different gaseous presences. Usually for oxygen, carbon dioxide or hydrogen.

What is soft and flexible bone matter?

soft and flexible bone matterSoft and flexible bone matter is flexible bone matter. This is when a person's bones are easy to break.

Which is best to describe bones-hard strong brittle or hard strong flexible or soft strong brittle or soft week flexible?

Stong, flexible, and soft are the best descriptor of bones.

What are two items that could be used as an improvised splint?

Wooden objectrolled up towelfolded newspapercardboard