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ANYTHING 'out of the ordinary' should be thoroughly investigated by a medical professional ! DO NOT wait for answers on here - book an appointment with your doctor - NOW !

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Q: Is a tumor like swelling in arm pit a serious implication in any ways?
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Swelling at the temple on one side?

Swelling on the forehead can be caused by an injury like a hit to the head in a fall. There are also medical conditions that can cause forehead swelling like sebaceous cysts or a complication of sinusitis called Pott's puffy tumor.

Can brain swelling be controlled?

Brain swelling is a very serious and complicated condition that needs to be attended by neurosurgeons. Swelling of the brain can be caused by bleeding in the brain. In some cases, draining the blood from the brain helps control the swelling like in cases of aneurysm.

I have a 5 yr old chihuahua that has a lump on the right side of his rib-cage and if you touch it it hurts him what could this be?

I'm sorry to hear your chihuahua is in pain. he could have just bumped into something and got some swelling or inflammation. but it also could be something more serious like a tumor. but hold on. calm down it might not be a tumor. before you panic have a vet take a look at him and I'm sure he will be fine.

What would cause a large lump like swelling and pain below left rib cage more on the side Between waist and ribs?

It could be a bruise or a harmless fatty tumor. It could also be an enlarged spleen which would indicate a serious problem and be rapidly fatal if ruptured or a cancer. You should see your doctor.

How long does it take for vaginal swelling to go down?

If you have swelling on a penile piercing then the piercing is not done correctly and you have a serious problem requiring the assistance of a doctor. The tissue type is like a bladder, any swelling is not swelling but actual bleeding going on under the tissue. this needs to be dealt with by a doctor immediately. See your Doctor without delay, hemorrhaging and sever bleeding is a serious issue, see your Doctor or hospital emergency asap.

If a horse has a lump under its neck could it be a calcium deposit?

it could also be a tumor or like a blood clot or something serious. it could just be bone.

When was Like Hearts Swelling created?

Like Hearts Swelling was created in 2002.

What does a tumor look like?

it looks like pimples

What does a scratch and swelling on a dogs cheeks and jaws mean?

I'm no expert, but it sounds like the dog's cut has gotten a possibly serious infection. I would take it to the vet right away.

What does a tumor look like on a hamster?

it looks a bit like this

Got tattooed have rash like around it rash hurt to touch got tattoo on back of calf now foot is swelling swelling started today got tattooed 7 days ago?

sounds like a infection that is starting or about to start. Talk to your tattoo artist first as they can tell if it is a ink reaction or something more serious like a staph infection or cellulitus. A Dr. visit should be in the works as well if it is a serious infection you need more than some cream bro.

What is the medical term meaning swelling in the lungs?

Swelling due to fluid retention, usually in dependant ("down hill") areas such as the legs, is called edema. It is sometimes also spelled Oedema, usually in British literature.Swelling ("tumor" in latin) is one of a complex of findings in inflammation.inflammation--------------------------------------------edema is often used in reference to swelling and is often graded such as 1,2,3,4.