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a toilet seat is cleaner than a kitchen counter so yeh

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Q: Is a toilet seat cleaner than money?
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Is there more Germs on a fingernail than a toilet seat?

There are more germs under a fingernail than on a toilet seat!

Is it true that toilet seats are cleaner than lunch plates?

the study show that toilet seats are cleaner because lunch plates have 10 times more germs than toilet seats.

Is a toilet cleaner than someone's mouth? ?

Is a toilet seat cleaner than your pillow?

Yes it is... Cause think about all the stuff your head has touched all day long and then going to sleep compared to your but touching nothing!

Can you see crabs on a toilet seat?

Maybe. If it's painted crabs than yes. If your brother put crabs on the toilet seat then yes. So maybe yes or no. It depends.

Are the door handles having more germs than the toilet seat?


Why choose an elongated toilet seat over a round one?

Elongated more comfortable, longer than round. Use correct type seat for type of toilet, either round or elongated.

What has more germs than a toilet seat?

computer keyboards, doorknobs and water taps.

What is the size of a universal toilet seat lid cover?

universal toilet seat lid cover is a bit bigger than our seat lid toilets. international people don't use toilets we use they use squatting toiets. like in India, china, japan and africa.

How much was john Lennon toilet seat sold for?

About 30$ cheaper than what I sold my left nut for!

Is dogs mouth cleaner than human's mouth?

No, a dogs mouth is not cleaner than humans because they dont brush their teeth and floss to keep all the germs away. They also eat sometimes out the bins and some drink out the toilet. So then there you have it! Dogs mouths are not cleaner than humans.

Is toilet water cleaner than faucet water?

It depends on the way it is set up, normally the water is from the same source, but using water in the toilet for any purpose other that flushing is NOT recommended..