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Dressing and Bandage

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gauze is the usual material for this. It is held on with adhesive tape and makes up what is called a bandage.

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Q: Is a sterile cloth used to cover wounds?
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What sterile cloth is used to cover a wound?

Dressing and Bandage

What is used to treat wounds?

Um......... bandages, I guess. But first you have to wash the wounds in cold water, then put a bandage or a cloth on the wound to cover it up and it won't get infected.

What are sterile wipes in a first aid kit used for on animals?

to sterilize wounds

What are contrainidcations and indications of using saline solution in wounds?

I don't believe there are any contraindications. Normal saline or sterile saline is usually the fluid of choice to help irrigate or debride wounds. It is usually used because it has little to no effect on the tissues. But it is contraindicated when Acticoat products are to be used on the wound, due to the fact that Acticoat has silver in it. It is recommended that sterile water be used instead.

Gauze is typically used to cover and protect what?

Gauze is used to cover and protect open wounds. It serves as a barrier between someone's underlying tissue at the atmosphere. Gauze is important for fighting infections in open wounds.

Why is a table cloth called a table cloth?

Table cloth is called table cloth because it is used to cover the table.its called a table cloth because it is a cloth that you put on a table you idiot.

What is the black cloth that used to cover the stone square of Hajj?


What is a small piece of cloth used to cover a hole?

uh, a patch?

What use to be used before plastic?

a clear plastic table cloth cover

What is a band aid?

It is a small sterile pad with adhesive ends. It is used to cover minor cuts to keep dirt out.

What are the main use of curtains?

Curtains are used to cover windows,decorations,and for table cloth

What is the name of the Cloth used to cover a casket?

a pall (or casket pall / funeral pall)